One of the biggest mistakes made by buyers of investment property is to fall in love with the property and end up paying too much. Here’s an example of an overpriced multi-family which hopefully you will not buy. The apartment building has an annual N.O.I. (Net Operating Income) of $67,000. You have carefully calculated this using the proper formula. The building is 98% occupied and the buyer has a FICO credit score of 712 (a good score). You then divide the $67,000 by .09 (the "9 cap rate"). You use this conservative 9 cap rate for multi-family purchases. This gives you a fair value figure of $744,444, which you round off to a "final target" of $750,000. The final target is the most you will be willing to pay for the property. You decide to start the negotiations by offering 5% below your target which makes your initial offer $712,500.

The seller is represented by a real estate agent who informs you that, “you just don’t understand.” You must be crazy and have forgotten that the asking price is $1,000,000. The seller would be insulted if he, the agent, took such as offer to his seller. The agent is sure the seller won’t take less than $950,000, which you know is still a ridiculous price based on your calculation of net operating income. The agent says that he figures the N.O.I. is $70,000 and a 7 cap rate is generally used in this neighborhood because of the tremendous recent appreciation of residential real estate in the area. That doesn’t matter to you since you always stick to your calculations and you tell him your offer stands.
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After a few small concessions in price, the seller rejects the offer, negotiations break down and fortunately you never buy this overpriced multi-family offered by a non-motivated seller. Why is the seller pricing the property at $1,000,000?. Because he is operating on the "greater fool" theory and is hoping for an inexperienced “greater fool” investor to buy his overpriced building.

Be aware when buying investment property ….. at the closing if you pay $100,000 too much for a property you have LOST $100,000 that day and that loss will be with you as long as you own the property. Conversely, if you buy a property $100,000 under the market from a motivated seller, you have just put $100,000 in your pocket on the day of closing. There is only one loser and one winner in every negotiation. The secret is the winner has convinced the loser that he, the loser, is the winner.

Now...... to demonstrate a point, let’s say that you had disregarded your original calculations, came up in price and finally paid the seller $950,000 for the building. Then you approach Barclay Associates for the commercial loan. You are willing to put down 10% and the seller has agreed to carry back a second mortgage of 10%. We inform you that we estimate a lender will loan you only $600,000 (80% of a $750,000 valuation). Since you are paying $950,000, which is $200,000 more than your target, this simply means that you need to come up with a huge down payment and that you are the loser in the transaction.

This rather long scenario is a classic case of how one can be financially destroyed by falling in love with and paying too much for an investment property. It happens all the time, especially in certain areas of the country where residential real estate prices are currently highly over-inflated.

If you can’t buy a property from a motivated seller at your “final target” price then always pass on the property or I guarantee you will ultimately be very sorry. The old saying goes “another train will always be coming into the station. There is always another multi-family coming on the market. Riches in real estate investment requires a lot of patience. Always remember, anyone can buy commercial property. Unfortunately, too few buy from motivated sellers at the necessary below-market low price.

By Joseph Spatola III
President Barclay Associates

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