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    Always make sure you are dealing with a MOTIVATED SELLER. This is someone who needs to sell more than you need to buy. These are individuals or groups who will be willing to sell at or below the current market, thus enabling you to BUY LOW.

    Examples of such MOTIVATED SELLERS are:
    • An elderly person who is just tired of collecting rents and managing property and who sincerely wants to get rid of the property.
    • Someone who has recently inherited the property, does not live in the area, and wants no part of managing an income property. He or she is only interested in getting some cash as quickly as possible.
    • An owner who paid too much for the property and has to cash out because of crushing debt service costs.
    • Someone who has encountered poor health and is not up to the task of income property ownership.
    • Finally, a person who is aware of the true value of his property and is truly desirous of selling it at a fair market value

    Have the patience to wait for the right MOTIVATED SELLER. Buyers who pick up the bad habit of paying too much by buying from non-motivated sellers will constantly be trying to make up for the amount that they overpaid. They will never make real estate profits or fortunes. An occasional mistake is acceptable. Everyone makes mistakes. Getting into the habit of buying too high will be disastrous.

    PLEASE CONTACT US TODAY.... If you are interested in buying or refinancing a commercial investment property now or in the near future. Take advantage of our over 40 years of experience securing financing for nationally located multi-family properties, mobile home parks, office buildings, storage facilities, motels and many other types of properties. We do not engage in the financing of residential real estate. Please notice our contact information and minimum loan amounts shown below.

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Send us an E-mail with some details of your financing request. It is important to send your: Full name, PHONE NUMBER and a paragraph or two describing your financing needs. Please DO NOT forget to include your PHONE NUMBER.

Call us anytime 24/7. We are available for one-on-one discussion up to 11 PM Eastern Time and on weekends.


  • INVESTMENT PROPERTIES - COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE LOANS- Multifamily - $ 400,000 minimum loan amount. ($500,000 minimum if referred by broker.) Multifamily buildings must be 10 units or more. NOTE Possibly can do Multifamily loan amounts as low as 250,000 ($300,000 if referred by broker.) but must have 25% down payment.
  • OTHER INVESTMENT PROPERTIES Office building loans, self storage units, mobile home park financing, strip centers, warehouses and other commercial real estate property loans - $300,000 minimum loan amount ($375,000 minimum if referred by broker).
  • RAW LAND LOANS OR LAND DEVELOPMENT LOANS $1,000,000 minimum loan amount.
  • SBA LOANS-$500,000 minimum loan amount. ($600,000 minimum if referred by broker).
  • OTHER SMALL BUSINESS LOANS (NON SBA)- $500,000 minimum loan amount ($600,000 minimum if referred by broker).
  • FACTORING AND ASSET BASED FINANCING These are business loans using accounts receivable, inventory, equipment & real estate as collateral- $1,000,000 minimum loan amount.
  • OTHER TYPES OF FINANCING NOT INCLUDED ABOVE - contact us for minimum loan amounts.
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BROKERS and other intermediaries- WE WELCOME BROKERS. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you [CLICK HERE] to obtain full information about our referral fee program and our referral fee rates to brokers.
  • We DO NOT finance residential properties-only commercial.

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