Loan Modification

Are you behind on your mortgage payments, experiencing individual or business credit or debt problems, or just have questions?

. we are associated with a firm who can help you. Their consultation is FREE OF CHARGE and is geared to review your financial situation and then evaluate your qualification for several government programs. These programs are designed to modify and ease your current credit or debt problems.

If after their free consultation, they do not see adequate savings for you, or the opportunity for their program to help you, they will provide you with guidance on how to move forward.

Their goal has always been to help consumers and businesses get out of trouble and stay out of financial hardship.

The company is a locally grown family business which was established almost 10 years ago. They have helped thousands of consumers and companies, and have A SUCCESS RATE OF OVER 90% which is tops in their industry.

They are specialists in processing key government loan programs that can:

  • Avoid foreclosure by modifying loans to a level that is affordable.
  • Help borrowers to lower payments on second mortgages.
  • Provide options to avoid foreclosure through a short sale or other means.

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If you e-mail us, we must have your phone number. We will have an experienced counselor call you within 24 hours. There is absolutely no obligation or cost to you for your FREE consultation