Merchants ....Now Turn Your Credit Card Sales Into Cash for Your Business

    Barclay Associates has a Cash Advance Program which is designed to provide qualified merchants easy access to working capital to address critical and immediate needs. The growth of many businesses today is stunted due to the lack of the necessary cash flow to increase and improve their business. Our program provides the cash needed to fuel success. Unlike conventional lending sources, these funds are advanced against future credit card receivables (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.) and are typically available within ten to fifteen business days after receipt of the few required documents.

    Simply put, we leverage one of a merchant's untapped business assets, your future credit card receivables.  You are paid for your future Credit Card transactions up front and the funder is paid back by holding a small agreed upon fixed percentage of your credit or debit card sales moving forward until the obligation is fulfilled. You can receive 100% to 200% of your average monthly credit card sales in a very short time period.  Unlike a small business loan, obtaining a merchant cash advance is simple. You can receive from $5,000 to $500,000 per location in a very short time just by committing your future credit card sales. There is no hassle of long approval times or mountains of required paperwork, and the advance is completely unsecured.


  • No application fees.
  • Approvals within 24 to 72 hours.
  • Minimal amount of paperwork required to receive a quote.
  • No fixed monthly payments, totally automated retrieval process.
  • No collateral required.
  • A credit score of as little as 500 is allowed.
  • No restrictions on the use of the funding.
  • You can  receive funds in as little as ten to fifteen business days after the receipt of the required documents.
  • The advance is 100% unsecured.  There is absolutely no commitment of your personal or business assets.  No physical collateral is required.
  • 100% tax deductible


  • What are the approximate average monthly gross sales?

  • What are your monthly average credit card sales?

  • Have they been in business at your present location for at least 12 months and have you been accepting credit cards for this period?

  • If you rent, is there at least 12 months remaining on your lease?

  • Is your personal credit score greater than 500? 

  • Do you have any current open bankruptcies, liens or judgments?

Today, m
ost banks and other conventional lending sources all over the country are turning down small businesses requests for financing. They just don't want to take the risk in today’s economic times. Unfortunately due to this, many deserving small retail firms do not get the necessary funds they need.  The innovative Merchant Cash Advance Program can furnish the working capital they need in today's challenging economy.

More Information About The Program

Small Business Financing 101
Every day across the country, small business retailers are seeking financing for their businesses - whether it's a restaurant, a beauty salon, women's clothing store or a local florist. Small business owners need capital for investing, growth, development and even to take care of the occasional back taxes. But merchants know that the banks aren't going to just hand over a bag full of cash at their request.

If Banks Have Said NO
to a conventional small business loan for you, you may easily qualify for the best alternative to a loan.....  A Merchant Cash Advance. 

The Company  
Our associated financing companies are dedicated to providing funding solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. These firms have helped many businesses attain financial success. We understand that as a business owner, you have a vision for your business. However, we also know that many times, in order to achieve this vision of success, working capital is essential. Obtaining capital from banks or traditional loan companies is a difficult and lengthy task in these trying times. Fortunately, there is a simple funding alternative for small businesses striving to grow and prosper..... The Merchant Cash Advance.

Our Team of Experts  
We have a lengthy financial and business background.  You can feel confident in knowing that you will be provided with outstanding service during the funding process. When you apply for a cash advance with us, you will be assigned to a financial specialist to ensure that you receive quality service. This individual has the knowledge to answer any questions that you, the merchant, may have about the merchant cash advance process.

Our Cash Advance Process  
The Merchant Cash Advance process is unlike any bank or traditional lending institutions. Instead of making you worry about coming up with collateral, or money to repay a bank loan, we allow you to tap into a resource that is already at your disposal.... your credit and debit card transactions. By collecting a small, pre-determined percentage of these transactions, we are helping you avoid the hassles of monthly payments, deadlines, repayment plans and late fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is a Merchant Cash Advance and how can it help my business?
Many small business owners are unable to obtain traditional bank loans because they have insufficient credit or collateral. As a result, more and more businesses have been turning to this program for infusions of working capital or other immediate cash needs.

2. How does a Merchant Cash Advance work?
It advances cash to you based on your anticipated future sales, thus offering an attractive alternative to the traditional bank loan. With the Merchant Cash Advance program - which is not a loan your business receives a lump sum in return for a percentage of your future MasterCard / Visa, AMEX receipts.  

3. How does a Merchant Cash Advance compare to a traditional bank loan?
First of all, qualifying for our program is far easier than a bank loan. No checks are ever written and there are no fixed daily, weekly or monthly payments, late fees, hidden fees or interest rates. In addition, there are no personal guarantees, no closing costs or loss in equity or the need to post collateral to secure the advance.

4. How does the program work?
You submit a one-page completed application along with four months of credit card statements and three months of bank statements. Then the underwriting department will determine how much money you qualify for based on the submitted information. Within 24 to 72 hours you will have a proposal from us. The entire process, from the initial application submission to your receipt of funds takes between two to three weeks. Of course, this time frame assumes that you are prompt in your document submission and that you will reply promptly to our e-mails and phone calls.

5. How does the merchant pay back the advance?
The funder will collect a small agreed upon percentage of their daily credit and debit card sales until the terms of the agreement are satisfied.

6. How difficult will it be for you to qualify?
Most businesses will qualify.  The application is simple and required documents are minimal.  Most of the requirements have been previously explained on this page.

7. How long will it take to find out if you qualify?
Pre-approval takes only 24 to 72 hours. Funding takes place in ten to fifteen business days depending on the amount of the transaction.

8. How long will it take to get the cash?
Once the agreement is signed and the advance is approved, the money will be received within one to two business day.

9. How much can I expect to receive?
The average size of a cash advance is about $25,000, although cash advances range from $5,000 to $500,000.

10. What can I use the money for?
You are free to use the money in any way youl is best for your business. Actually, you can use the money any way you wish. Many merchants use it for expansion, advertising, new equipment or increased (or seasonal) inventory. It is also frequently used for unforeseen emergencies or to buy out a partner or acquire a new location.

11. Will I need to change credit card processors?
may need to change to a preferred credit card processor. In that event the preferred processor guarantees to meet or beat the rates of your current processor.


This type of financing is not a loan.  It is an advance against future credit card transactions.