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Commercial Mortgage loans of all types. Land Loans. Commercial Real estate mortgage financing to purchase, develop, and refinance all types of property such as raw land, apartments, residential development, office buildings and industrial properties. Low interest financing available. Also soft "Hard money" loans available if you have credit or other problems.

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Barclay Associates maintains relationships with conventional and non-conventional lenders, who can finance all types of commercial or industrial real estate mortgage loan requests.
  • Look to us for real estate financing and bridge loans on land, buildings and projects located in all 50 states.
  • Some equity in cash or property is usually required to secure a commercial real estate loan.
  • Our minimum commercial loan on income producing property is shown at the bottom of this page. Land development loans require a minimum loan amount of: (see minimum at bottom of this page).
  • Often the borrower is desperate for funding.We have contacts with many commercial bridge loan lenders who can close a difficult financing request in a very short time period.
  • Because each real estate financing request is unique, it is helpful, although not an absolute requirement, if you can furnish us with basic loan request information in order to evaluate your individual project and financing needs.
  • Through the utilization of our state of the art database which contains thousands of lending sources, we can quickly match your money needs with the institution or alternative lending source most likely to meet your needs.
  • A wonderful tool to quickly secure a valuable property are commercial real estate bridge loans.
  • We specialize in difficult loan requests. We have sources who will do the tough ones. If you have been turned down by several lending institutions, PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP! Contact us TODAY!
  • Need a business plan? - Every company or individual seeking a mortgage loan should have a Business Plan. Go to this section for complete information about the preparation of a professional business plan.
  • We can locate the lender with commercial mortgage terms that will fit your situation.

Informative and detailed information of great value to income property buyers can be seen at Income Property Buyers Tips This new section includes a Special Report which explains how to calculate the true value of an income property. A continually expanding “FAQ” (Question and Answer) page is also included. We invite you to visit this area of our web site.

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If you have a commercial or industrial real estate financing need, please contact us TODAY.

We welcome brokers and are continually building relationships with realtors, mortgage brokers and other real estate intermediaries.


A checklist of information which is necessary and helpful to us in evaluating your loan request


A partial list of projects and types of properties which we can finance includes:

SBA Business Loans

SBA(Small Business Administration) real estate mortgage loans benefits include a longer time (up to 25 years)to pay off the loan and the possibility of securing a larger loan than you may be able to get through a conventional lender.

Mini Storage Financing

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Send us an E-mail with some details of your financing request. It is important to send your: Full name, PHONE NUMBER and a paragraph or two describing your financing needs. Please DO NOT forget to include your PHONE NUMBER.

Call us anytime 24/7. We are available for one-on-one discussion up to 11 PM Eastern Time and on weekends.


  • INVESTMENT PROPERTIES - COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE LOANS- Multifamily - $ 400,000 minimum loan amount. ($500,000 minimum if referred by broker.) Multifamily buildings must be 10 units or more. NOTE Possibly can do Multifamily loan amounts as low as 250,000 ($300,000 if referred by broker.) but must have 25% down payment.
  • OTHER INVESTMENT PROPERTIES Office building loans, self storage units, mobile home park financing, strip centers, warehouses and other commercial real estate property loans - $300,000 minimum loan amount ($375,000 minimum if referred by broker).
  • RAW LAND LOANS OR LAND DEVELOPMENT LOANS $1,000,000 minimum loan amount.
  • SBA LOANS-$500,000 minimum loan amount. ($600,000 minimum if referred by broker).
  • OTHER SMALL BUSINESS LOANS (NON SBA)- $500,000 minimum loan amount ($600,000 minimum if referred by broker).
  • FACTORING AND ASSET BASED FINANCING These are business loans using accounts receivable, inventory, equipment & real estate as collateral- $1,000,000 minimum loan amount.
  • OTHER TYPES OF FINANCING NOT INCLUDED ABOVE - contact us for minimum loan amounts.
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BROKERS and other intermediaries- WE WELCOME BROKERS. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you [CLICK HERE] to obtain full information about our referral fee program and our referral fee rates to brokers.
  • We DO NOT finance residential properties-only commercial.

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